Welcome to Happy Healthy & Fit

Welcome to Happy Health and Fit!   Pull up a chair grab a cup of tea or coffee and join me on my journey to be Healthy. Happy. and Fit!  The idea for this blog came as an idea to help keep me accountable as I began this journey to improve my life from in the outside out but, like all good ideas, it turned into something much more!

Most of my life I have struggled with depression and my weight, it seems as though they come hand in hand – the heavier I was the more depressed I became.   Throughout my life, I have yo-yoed on the weight scale, spending most of life not super skinny but not obese.  I had my daughter, who is my life, at 37 and 4 months later my mother passed, that was 7 almost 8 years ago, and since then I have struggled with my weight, depression and overall general well being.  After having medical issues for several years and burning out trying to juggle my job, being a mom and a wife  I began therapy and began working on changing and trying to identify through using mindfulness to help me figure out who I am and how I can accept all the good and the not so good things about me.

During the sessions, I found a passion for health through good food and exercise. I was started on a path that I thought I was straight but it was nothing but that.  About 6 months into my therapy my father passed and then a year later my family moved from just outside Philadelphia to London, England.  Things were put on hold an now I’m back and I’m inviting you to join me on my journey.  Cheers!!


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