Dear Donuts…

you don’t have any power over me, you can’t make me eat you. That’s right, I hold the all the power over you.  I am the one who makes the decision whether or not you make it into my mouth. I choose NOT to eat you; I CHOOSE to throw you in the rubbish.

This was my internal struggle when a box of doughnuts sat on my kitchen counter for two days.  Every time I walked into the room they called me over. They beckon me to eat one just one. I struggled with them for two days and finally just threw them in the rubbish.

I was victorious this time.  I know next I might not be. Next time I have to make the choice like this I need to look back on that box of doughnuts and remember how good it felt to take control and to make the right choice.  The more right choices I make the easier and the more it becomes part of who I am.  I have the wisdom, I have the strength, I can do this!!

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