It’s that time of year again, a new year, a new challenge.  This new year is unlike any other year;  I am in a new country still trying to navigate my way around.  I moved this summer from a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the London Borough of Bromley, England and have been trying to find my way back to some normalcy since.

I’ve been given a chance most people would love to have…. essentially, I get to start over again and leave all that crap back in America and keep all the great parts of who I am.  How cool is that??  I am truly grateful for this opportunity and thought, why not kick off the new year by doing a round of the Whole30 and sharing it!  It’s a great way to keep me on track and share the tips and tricks I learn along the way.

Planning is underway and I’ll begin Day 1 on 9th January.  This will be my second round (I did one last year at this time) and I am looking forward to reacquainting myself with my relationship with food. Stay tuned to for weekly updates, meal plans, grocery hauls, and tips and strategies on how I get through my 30 days.

Never heard of the Whole30 or heard of it but not 100% sure of what it is? Check out their website at Whole30.com and look out for posts coming soon…

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my Instagram @findinghappyhealthyfit for some yummy food pictures.


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